Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many common questions and answers for the NEWS and RUMORS website.

This document was last updated: November 9, 2020


General FAQ  TOP

What is NEWS and RUMORS?

NEWS and RUMORS is a news and content search engine and reader service providing fast and simple access to a diverse variety of content from a large variety of sources.

Site and Publisher FAQ  TOP

How do I submit my site to NAR?

You can use the Submit Site form to submit your site for review. While we cannot guarantee your site will be added to the NAR search engine, we will review and consider it.

Can I submit sites I like to NAR?

Absolutely! In fact, most site owners would greatly appreciate you doing that for them.

How long does it takes for a submitted site to be added to NAR?

Submitted sites are reviewed in batches at different intervals. Depending on when a site was submitted, it can take anywhere from 1 to 14 days before it is reviewed and added if approved.

How are sites chosen to be added to NAR?

Sites are manually reviewed and chosen for addition to the search engine. While this is very time consuming, it allows NAR to maintain a high level of quality of content and search results while preventing manipulation and abuse by unscrupulous actors.

How do I remove my site from NAR?

While very rarely requested, we will remove a site and its indexed content from our search engine when requested. To request your site be removed from NAR, please use the Contact Us page and provide information we can verify you are authorized to make the request.

It is important to understand that once a site is removed by request, it will not be considered for inclusion in the NAR search engine for at least one year.
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