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We had severe winds around the blue tower today as part of the heavy storms we've had in the area for the past few days. This knocked out the power this afternoon, as well as all cell phone service, so we are pretty cut off right now. I had to ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 5 hours ago 5h
Solo developer Daisy Ale Soundworks announces Lost and Hound, a canine adventure game where you play as an intrepid Corgi expected this year for PC on Steam. This boasts accessibility for the visually impaired, and for the sighted they provide ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 13 hours ago 13h
GDC Summer is now underway, offering this year's virtual version of the annual Game Developers Conference. This runs between now and Thursday and they are still offering the chance to register and attend, including a free Community Pass with ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 13 hours ago 13h
Bandai Namco announces that preorders are now underway for Project CARS 3, the next installment in their racing series. This requires a commitment before seeing the results of any test drives, so they are offering a free Ignition Pack as an ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 13 hours ago 13h
Someone notify Mulder that Skully is now available for PC and consoles, and the Windows edition of this adventure game can be found on Steam. Here's the Launch Trailer showing off how you play as a reanimated skull. Fill your skull with these ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 13 hours ago 13h
Relicta is now available on Steam, offering a physics-based first-person puzzle game for Windows that sounds like it was named by a pharmaceutical company, though thankfully it does not come with a list of side-effects. You can see this in action ...
bluesnews.com bluesnews.com / / Gaming / bluesnews-com / / 13 hours ago 13h
Developer GoesSoft announces they've set up us the Chicken Bomb with the release of this top-down action game on Steam for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This is not to be confused with Bomb Chicken, which evokes the old riddle asking which came ...
A free weekend for Barony is also now underway on Steam, allowing you to play this "first-person roguelike RPG with cooperative play" for nothing. This is also on sale for 80% off, but It bears noting that the game is also now one of ...
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