NEWS and RUMORS was created to solve the two growing problems of the lack of online content diversity and respect for user privacy.

Content Diversity

In recent years, people have been moving more toward search engines, social media and content aggregators for their daily content needs rather than visiting a list of content sites or running individual content apps one by one.

At the same time, most of those services have focused on pushing the same content from the same sources while relegating a lot of great and diverse content to deep and exhaustive searches.

This has helped the most popular content sources grow or maintain their reader levels while making it very hard and difficult for smaller organizations and independent writers to reach new readers and audiences.

While popular and mainstream media sources play an important role in society and provide a valuable resource of information, the widespread promotion and consumption of news and content from the same sources severely limits the flow of information and the formation of viewpoints by readers and viewers.

Even more concerning, it puts a lot of power and control into fewer sources (corporations) that get to define the narratives of news, articles and stories while shaping the opinions of many people in the world.

NEWS and RUMORS hopes to change that.

User Privacy

We are all becoming more aware these days of how much we are being tracked every step of the way while online. Even more troubling, we have no idea how that information is being used or if it is being sold or shared with other organizations and services.

Despite marketing campaigns by most organizations promoting how much they respect user privacy, a deep dive into their convoluted private statements, terms of use and end-user license agreements (EULAs) shows they still collect, track and use our data as they always have, but now are doing it even more.

While NEWS and RUMORS cannot prevent sites from tracking you once you are on their site, it can provide you with a safe and tracking-free place for finding great news and content.

Our Goal

We want to provide readers with access to diverse, interesting and unique content while providing a wider variety of content publishers with a way to reach a lot more people.

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